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Headlight Restoration on the Gold Coast and Brisbane

For headlight restoration on the Gold Coast and Brisbane Preferred Car Care has you covered from only $65 !

Did you know that faded headlights are in fact illegal and unsafe ? In fact vehicles with faded headlights wont pass a roadworthy certificate, deeming the vehicle unfit for road use. Faded headlights also reduce visibility at night up to 75%. Replacing them can be very costly and in most cases not necessary. Preferred Car Care can safely restore you headlight lenses for a fraction of replacement cost.

Headlight restoration in areas such as the Gold Coast and Brisbane is very common due to our tropical climate which is damaging to porous surfaces such as plastic headlight lenses. A common misconception is that headlight deterioration occurs on the inside of the lens however this is not true. There are 2 different types of materials used to produce headlight lenses plastic and glass. Glass headlight lenses do not deteriorate rather they chip and crack and need replacing. Faded and dulled headlights are always the plastic type. The fading that we see is actually called Oxidation which also occurs on the paintwork of our cars.

So how do we restore your headlights?

There are multiple stages in headlight restoration starting with wet sanding with various grades of wet and dry sandpaper usually starting at 800 grit followed by 1000 then 1500. This procedure removes the surface oxidation and allows machine refinishing. We then follow up with 2 stages of machine compounding restoring clarity and brilliance. But were not finished there, the last thing we want is for them to fade again so we seal them in with Ceramic Pro 9H coating which can be researched on our paint protection page.

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