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The climate in coastal areas such as South East Queensland’s Gold Coast is extremely harsh on your cars paintwork. In no time at all your Paintwork can become faded / dull / oxidised and loose its smoothness. This is because pollutants such as acid rain, salt residue, bird and bat droppings, overspray, road grime, industrial fallout, brake dust, uv rays and tree sap are at work on a daily basis affecting your vehicles surface. Professional polishing and waxing from Preferred Car Care on a regular basis will guarantee your car's finish remains protected, clean and shiny even after 10 or 15 years from new. Our machine polishing and correction techniques will safely correct fine surface scratches, oxidation (fading), swirl and haze marks from previous incorrect buffing techniques and avoid the onset of corrosion i.e. rust spots. From our experience most of our clients do not understand the differences between paint correction or cut and polishing a car's paintwork. In this article I will briefly explain what is generally referred to as cut and polish, paint correction, paint rejuvenation, paint restoration, and paint protection. 

Polishing is a very broad term which can mean any one of the various methods and techniques that are required to restore paintwork. Please see below to establish the service that best suits your needs.

  • Cut and PolishCut and Polish is our most popular service consisting of a 2 step process which is used to remove/improve surface scratches, light oxidation and swirl/haze marks. Firstly the paintwork is machine polished with a very fine cutting polish which will safely remove/improve the paints imperfections and then a final glaze Teflon wax applied by hand or machine. This service is most popular with people wanting a pre-sale car detailing package or who have just purchased a second hand car. Cut and polish is a very cost effective solution to improve the overall appearance of your car on the Gold Coast or Brisbane.
  • Paint Correction, Paint Rejuvenation or RestorationPaint Correction, Paint Rejuvenation or Restoration are basically the same. This is a term we use when the car paintwork is heavily oxidised or faded, has deep swirl marks or heavily scratched which will need at least 2 or 4 stages of compounding, polishing and waxing performed to restore a factory finish again. Paint correction can take anywhere between 3 and 20 hours depending on the level of imperfections to be corrected. Preferred Car Care have been successfully providing paint correction services to the entire Gold Coast and Brisbane area’s since 2005 to show winning cars and automotive enthusiasts.
  • Waxing & Glazing is a fairly simple process which ideally should be done on a regular basis. We recommend every 1 to 3 months depending on use due to the harsh environment on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. After the car has been professionally prepared we apply a layer of either Gaunuba wax or Teflon paint sealant by hand applicator or machine polisher with a soft foam glazing pad. Once the wax has been let dry to a haze we then gently wipe the wax off with a microfiber cloth. Best results are obtained when the surface has been clay barred before waxing (see below). Waxing is highly recommended as it provides UV protection preventing paint deterioration such as fading. Every car requires regular waxing unless permanent paint protection has been applied, call today on 0402 928 943 to enquire about a maintenance program for your car from $55.
  • Clay BarringClay Barring is removing overspray and contaminants from your paints surface prior to compounding, cut and polishing or waxing. The product is called "cleaner clay". We use and recommend “3m Perfect Cleaner”. Clay barring ensures when it comes time for any form of polishing we have no foreign contaminants on the car’s painted surface. It is completely safe on your cars paintwork as it is a “surface cleaner”.

  • Paint ProtectionPaint Protection comes in 3 forms only. Wax, paint sealants and permanent ceramic coatings. Waxes will last no longer than 1-3 months whereas paint sealants last up to 6 months. Ceramic Pro 9H is a permanent coating designed to create a chemical bond with the clear coat ensuring a permanent protective barrier that cannot be penetrated by uv, bat and bird droppings or chemical etching. It is designed to enhance the gloss levels of paintwork and greatly reduce maintenance. Click here for more information

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