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Hands Down Brisbane's Best Car Window Tinting

Controlled Environment

Our dedicated car window tinting workshop and showroom in Brisbane is a highly clinical dust controlled environment unique to the industry to ensure your expectations are met as well as providing top of the range window tinting films carrying lifetime warranty.

Showroom & Workshop
30 Moss St Slacks Creek
(Opposite Green Car Sales Centre)
Ph 0402 928 943

Showroom & Workshop

Experienced With High End Marque's

We have been in the automotive protection / tinting industry for 13 years. In that time we have established consumer confidence with vehicle owners across all marque's making your choice easy. Quality is absolute paramount.

Your Invitation

We invite you to experience our experience. Our automotive protection and tinting showroom and workshop located just south of Brisbane means you have a convenient window tinting location when looking for aftermarket options for new cars or to have your second hand car tinted.

We invite you to 30 Moss St Slacks Creek (look for our Promo Ferrari out front) for a showroom and workshop tour so you can experience what all the fuss is about.

Simplified Choice

We only use the best. Johnson Window Films are a next generation window film offering enhanced performance for high end applications. We have simplified a complex process by providing the 2 best window tint films the industry has to offer. We have tried every car window tinting film circulating the Australian market saving our valued customers time, money and frustration. Johnson window tint in combination with Ceramic Pro paint and vehicle protection is world class.

We Know What You Want

You want a film that matches your car, your personality or your cars privacy glass that has unbeatable specs and looks amazing when installed by a world class tinting technician.

Our Most Popular Film Choices

Johnson Marathon Carbon Film 99% UV Blockout, 60% Heat Reduction & Cuts Glare 92% Lifetime Warranty. Very popular film with excellent all-round performance. Suitable for all cars. Amazing quality & value. Available in all shades.

Johnson InsulatIR Nano Ceramic Infrared Block Film 99% UV Blockout, 95% Infrared Heat Reduction, Cuts Glare 94% & Scratch Resistant. Lifetime Warranty. Superior film with amazing heat rejection. You can feel the difference. Suitable for those who want the best. Gorgeous black graphite film with benefits you can feel and see. Unique film in todays market. Available in all shades.

All shades and other films are available at your request. Please contact us for a competitive price.


UV Blockout - Johnson films boast 99% UV Blockout keeping you safe from harmfull cancer causing ultra violet rays and also protecting your interior from future deterioration.Johnson are a skin cancer foundation recommended product. Definitely something to think about with Brisbane's tropical climate.

Heat Reduction - Car windows tinted with Johnson InsulatIR reduce up to 94% of Infrared heat hence reducing hot spots in your cars interior, allowing a more comfortable driving experience and reducing deterioration of your vehicle interior. Johnson InsulatIR is at the pinnacle of heat reduction technology.

Appearance - Nothing sets your car off more than a set of window tints. Johnson car window films have High end appeal due to a fantastic black charcoal look distinguishing from cheaper imitations. Your car will stand out from the crowd.

Privacy - One of the most popular reasons to tint your car is because of the privacy it provides. On an emotional level our vehicles are personal and we spend quite a bit of time in them each week. For many its not just travel but a time of rest, recreation or reflection. It can almost be described as our little abode away from home.

Customer Service Promise

Preferred Car Care staff are customer service specialists. We absolutely promise a pleasurable experience or your window tint is free.


Our warranty system is simple. If your car window film fails at any time we want you to bring it back for replacement. Issues with window tint are directly related to incorrect installation, the tinting environment and cheap inferior films.

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