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2007 Bentley Continental (full detail and Ceramic Pro 9H Coating)

We do get a little excited when the call comes to work on pieces of automotive art like this. This one had been through the local car wash cafe dozens of times over the years and the evidence was pretty obvious. With Micro scratching apparent all over the vehicle we decided a lengthy 2 stage correction would be the way to go due to the hardness of the Bentley factory paint. The compounding process took us 5 hours before ceramic pro could be applied.

The interior was on a par with the exterior due to lack of proper maintenance. The owner had applied layers and layers of leather conditioner without regular cleaning trapping sweat and grime between each layer. You can see the difference with the before and after here.

The end result was show stopping, we restored that epic shimmer that Bentley paint is renowned for

New Car Protection Package - 2014 Mercedes E220 - Tint, Paint, Leather, Scotchguard

We just love working on black European paintwork, the end result is always something special once Ceramic Pro 9H is applied. This Mercedes E220 certainly didn’t disappoint.


Again the interior presented very dry and was nourished with our permanent non silicon coating giving a luxurious low sheen finish protecting from harmfull UV rays and fading. Carpets were Scotch Guarded which is standard with our full package.


Here the windows are being tinted by our specialist tinter with top of the range products boasting lifetime warranty and UV blockout as standard.


The photo shoot wouldn’t be complete without an after pic of the reflection off the bonnet. This is the unmistakable reflection that Ceramic Pro provides.


Choosing a provider for Paint protection packages in the South East has never been easier with Preferred Car Care being a premium partner of Ceramic Pro 9H which is recognised worldwide and backed by lifetime warranty.

So how does Ceramic Pro 9H work ? click here to watch this short you tube tutorial.

Paint Refinish & Ceramic Pro 9H Paint Protection

Paint Correction & Ceramic Pro 9H Paint Protection Gold Coast -Brisbane

Here we have a 2010 XR50th anniversary edition which received a 2 stage paint correction and of course ceramic Pro 9H paint protection. Our customer wanted us to rectify all the scratches throughout the paintwork and then create a durable finish which will ensure black car maintenance nightmares are a thing of the past. Once Ceramic Pro is applied we have a finish that is far less susceptible to surface scratching than the factory paintwork providing a permanent water beading affect and UV protection.

Here are a couple of before and after pictures of the extent of surface scratching that was to be corrected before Ceramic Pro can be applied.



Here are a few pictures of the result achieved after 6 combined hours of paintwork perfection.




I will note here that a paint correction is different to our cut and polish service. Paint correction is a extensive refinishing process in which we pass over the paintwork with rotary machine polisher in a very slow manner jewelling the paint surface with various grades of oil based compounds. Once the paintwork has been corrected we then have the option of a wax, teflon paint sealant or a premium permanant ceramic coating aka ceramic pro 9H. Paint correction can take anywhere from 2.5 - 6 hours depending on the extent of scratching to be removed. The application of ceramic coatings can take an additional 2-4 hours.

Here is an opportunity to see the scratch resistance of Ceramic pro 9H.

Paint Protection Brisbane - Gold Coast (Alfa Romeo - Guilietta)

The Gold Coast and Brisbane’s first choice for Paint Protection / Vehicle protection packages. We Come To You !!

This Beautiful little Guilietta received the full treatment Tint, Paint, carpets, wheels, leather and trim. The colour of the paint was delicious to say the least. I could literally see the depth and clarity change as Ceramic Pro was applied.

Interior Leather & Trim Protection

Hers a during and after pic of the leather protectant being applied. We use a semi permanant coating that prevents cracking and fading from harmfull UV rays and heat. The coating is non silicon so its not sticky or oily like armour all while giving year round protection. You’ll find after having the interior protected all surfaces wont mark as easily and the interior has a more luxurious feel and look.

Alloy Wheel Protection

On this particular vehicle we applied ceramic pro to the wheels as well. This will prevent brake dust staining the alloy due to water repelling of the wheel surface while driving in the wet. cleaning will be a piece of cake with just a gentle sponge.

For more information on our vehicle protection packages click here..

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection & Full Platinum Detail (Toyota Landcruiser)

Full Car Detailing & Paint Protection Brisbane-Gold Coast (Ceramic Pro 9H)

The almighty Land Cruiser, perhaps Toyota’s most successful vehicle yet but man when they get used to their potential we professional detailers get to know all about it when it comes time for our customers to sell them. Luckily we love what we do and were very good at it.

As you’ll see this one was black and had been driven through scrub and lantana as well as being ran through the automatic car wash since new making it look like it had been washed with handfuls of sand over the years. The paintwork had completely lost its shine and the interior had suffered as well in its own right.

We started with the interior working top to bottom in each quarter of the car methodically while adhering to our procedure manual. We use various commercial cleaning solvents and chemicals diluted at different ratios for different applications. Here’s a few pics of the interior showing before and after results.

Once the interior was completed we shifted our attention to the engine bay. While toyota’s are relatively foolproof when it comes to moisture in the engine bay area we still use utmost caution by covering alternators and fuse box’s etc. We use an alkaline degreaser to lift grease and grime followed by low pressure water mist in a closed direction manner so we have complete control with where moisture goes. Silicon can then be applied at the vehicle owner’s request.

Once wheels, wheel arches and door jambs have been washed and cleaned we wash and clay bar the paintwork smoothing it out before compounding/ polishing can occur. For this particular paintwork we planned a 2 stage correction with the first stage of compounding we will use a medium cut with a white foam compounding pad followed by a fine cut on a black foam glazing pad. For both stages we will be passing over each panel very slowly in what we call a jewelling pattern. This will ensure almost complete removal of surface scratches with no marring/swirls when we are finished giving a beautiful canvas for ceramic Pro Paint Protection to be applied.

As you can see with the above picture gloss levels have been restored by removal of surface scratching and surface imperfections allowing light to reflect in one direction giving the desired result being a (mirror finish). From here we apply Ceramic Pro Paint Protection to every panel which will give the paintwork a much harder surface preventing surface scratching and making maintenance easy for the next owner due to Ceramic Pro’s permanent hydrophobic affect and 9H hardeness.

Paint Protection Brisbane - Gold Coast - 32 Ford Hot Rod

I was absolutely delighted to show off our skills on this otherwise immaculate 32 Ford Hotrod. We know the muscle car and hot rod fraternity like to take care of their cars themselves which is understandable given the amount of time, money and effort in building them. The problem with this is that most people know how to wax a car very well but when it comes to removing surface scratches left from washing, chamoising and general wiping ect its best left to the professionals. Below is a before pic of the surface scratches..

We allocated all day for this particular job and planned a 2 stage paint correction followed by Ceramic Pro 9H permanent coating which will prevent these unsightly surface scratches allowing our client to maintain his pride and joy a lot easier.

For the first stage of compounding we chose a medium cut compound which will be used on a glazing pad to reduce harshness and provide ease of use by not leaving behind extensive marring to correct in the following stage. Compounding is a slow process which takes patience as your basically passing every inch of every panel at a rate of approx 1 inch every 5 seconds. The key here is to let the compound and the pad do the work, It’s tempting to move across the paint quicker but this will reduce effectiveness.

The second stage of compounding is just as important as this removes any marring/ swirls from the first stage. Marring / swirl marks are even finer surface scratches than wash marks etc etc that were removed in the first stage of compounding. This stage is the key to a professional paint correction as once completed you’ll have a perfect finish ready for coating. We chose a fine cut and again on a glazing pad. Below is a pic of the before and after ( note the depth and clarity which was restored)

So now we have a perfect finish but nothing protecting it from surface scratching, UV rays and the list go’s on. Modern 2 pac paints are actually quite soft in comparison to the latest technology paint coatings such as Ceramic Pro 9H. We could use a wax or Teflon sealant but unfortunately as we all know these products don’t last any longer than 1-2 months and are just as soft as the paint itself.

Ceramic Pro paint protection is now applied panel by panel providing ultimate gloss levels and a hard surface which will be far less susceptible to surface scratches while forming a permanent hydrophobic layer meaning maintenance will be a breeze from now on. To read more on Ceramic Pro click here

Ceramic Pro 9H - Brisbane & Gold Coast’s Best Selling Paint Protection 2013/14

So you’ve been scouring the internet looking for alternative options for paint protection for your new or used car on the Gold Coast or Brisbane, now who to choose ?

We’ve tested multiple brands and styles of paint protection over the last 9 years. We now Use Ceramic Pro 9H exclusively because of these reasons.

  • It’s the thickest coating on the market once applied.
  • it repels bat droppings, bird droppings and tree sap far better than any product on the market
  • provides an amazing hydrophobic effect (repels water)
  • improved gloss levels

You’ve probably read many reports on what the car dealerships are doing so I wont go on about that but put simply it’s just not feasible for them to have a professional car detailer spend hours on each car.

Ceramic Coatings are a single clear coating over the existing paintwork providing superior protection that lasts many years. Additional coats can be applied upon request for the car enthusiast looking for ultimate gloss levels and protection.


We can offer our clients a product that has been identified as the best on the market and comes with exclusivity of having approved applicators Preferred Car Care providing a mobile service covering Byron Bay - Gold Coast - Brisbane.


For Paint Protection on the Gold Coast - Brisbane the choice is clear

Ceramic Pro 9H Paint Protection Toyota 86

We seem to be the go too company in Brisbane and beyond for paint protection on the new 86. Our service is being spoken about across the internet and I must say thank you to our previous customers for spreading the word.

So this one was dressed in orange metallic paintwork and although not my favourite colour choice still looked the goods with the 86’s smooth lines. It will soon look great once the Paint Protection is applied over the low orange peel finish.



For the interior plastics, leather and vinyl’s we use a non-silicon permanent coating which prevents future cracking and fading. Naturally, the interior plastics of all new cars are dry and mark really easy. Our coating appears a little like armour all but is not oily or sticky and does not attract dust. We work on small sections of the interior at a time ensuring perfect coverage to all plastics and leather while blending the edges so as to maintain the factory look. Once completed, the customer can enjoy a luxurious finish that is easy to maintain.

For fabric protection we use 3M scotch guard.




Most new vehicles require some form of polishing prior to application of a Ceramic Paint Protection Coating. This 86 had micro scratching from when the morning dew had been chamoised off at the dealership each morning without washing prior. So I used a micro polishing compound to elimainate these scratches bringing the duco back to perfect again.


Our polishing compounds are oil based and leave a light film over the paintwork which needs to be removed before application can commence otherwise the coating won’t adhere to the duco. To remove the film we have 2 options, Iso propyl alcohol or a concentrated alkaline car wash. I prefer to use the wash method as this ensures complete removal of compound residue. We then chamois and blow dry the car to ensure no water is left anywhere.


Application of the coating commences and is done panel by panel as drying time is relatively quick. The below pic is of Ceramic Pro Paint Protection being applied to a black car as it shows better with the camera.


For paint protection on new or second hand vehicles from Byron bay to Gold Coast and Brisbane call Preferred Car Care today.


To read more about Ceramic Pro 9H Paint Protection Click Here..

Car Detailing Brisbane – Preferred Car Care

So you’ve been using the drive through car wash at the local car detailing shop in the Brisbane area and now in direct sunlight your paintwork looks heavily scratched. Don’t panic, we can help in this situation. Firstly the reason why the car is scratched is because the microfiber wash pads fill will sand and grit from heavily soiled vehicles and then rub against your paintwork leaving behind unsightly scratches.

Sounds pretty simple hey, yet we receive many calls daily to rectify this issue. In all cases prevention is better than cure however a 2 stage cut and polish or paint correction will fix the paintwork by removing the scratches and restoring the depth and luster of the paintwork. Mobile car detailing is becoming hugely popular in Brisbane, including north and south Brisbane, this is because companies like Preferred Car Care offer great value for money and trained professional detailers that come to you at home or office which saves you precious time.

The problem consumers face when looking for a car detailer is the abundance of fly by night operators in our market. Rest assured every Preferred Car Care Licensed Contractor is equipped with Makita or metabo rotary polishing machines, karcher high pressure cleaners, kerrick hot water extraction shampoo vaccum cleaners and the lastest in innovitave detailing products and paint restoration systems.

Preferred Car Care was nominated in the Business review Weekly fastest starters which we are very proud of. Our reputation is largely because of our burning passion to provide unrivalled customer service to Every customer requiring car detailing in all Brisbane suburbs including North Brisbane and South Brisbane.

So for peace of mind when your car needs detailing, you know who to call.


For Car Detailing On The Gold Coast – Choose Preferred Car Care

How good is that feeling when your car is freshly detailed ! Car detailing on the Gold Coast is becoming hugely popular and our aim is to be the company to call when anyone needs there car detailed on the entire gold coast and beyond.

With Preferred Services: one call does it all; you will be greeted on the phone by one of our highly trained administration staff who will answer any question you have, guaranteed. Our licensed contractors are trained professionals in our field and are ready to impress even the most discerning.

We understand most people are time poor to detail their own cars and even if time was available having the professional equipment to complete a quality job at home can be very expensive. Every Preferred Car Care Licensed Contractor is equipped with Makita and metabo rotary polishing machines, karcher high pressure cleaners, kerrick hot water extraction shampoo vacuum cleaners and the latest in innovative cleaning and polishing products at a minimum. This ensures a high quality job at affordable prices .

The demand for Pre-Sale Detailing on the Gold Coast is strong and our goal for the last 12 months has been to expand to meet this demand. We now have 8 Mobile units fully equipped and ready for action all operated by trained Licenced Contractors. Experience tells us that having your car detailed on the Gold Coast before you advertise for sale will allow you to maximize your selling price by up to 20-30% better than before it was detailed. Your small outlay with us will pay for itself time and time again.


Paint Correction and Ceramic Pro 9H - Audi S7

This particular job was a single stage paint correction followed by Ceramic Pro 9H paint protection.

Upon inspection we were shocked at how Audi had delivered this vehicle at a rrp $179,000 No care had been taken by the dealership as there were swirls all through the paintwork. This is caused by lack of knowledge when it comes to what combination of equipment and products to use.


First step as always is to wash and prep the car with a clay pad to remove all paint contamination from the car sitting around etc. Once this is completed we dry the car by chamois and air blower to ensure no drips while we are working.

We then gave the car a slow fine cut perfecting polish which we call jewelling. Jewelling is a single stage polishing process using a rotary Buffer which removes all spider web scratching as well as swirls, holograms and micro scratching. Of course the correct buff pad and polish needs to be used otherwise more damage can occur.

Once we were happy with the finish and no scratching was evident we then degrease the paintwork to remove the oils in the compounds we used on the paint surface. This stage is vital otherwise the ceramic coating wont adhere to the duco. Essentially the car is prepared very similar to when a spray painter prepares a vehicle for painting as we are applying a permanent coating.

Finally the last stage of the job, we apply Ceramic Pro 9H to the vehicle panel by panel ensuring a uniform thick coating over the whole car. The picture below shows the coating during the drying process. Notice the oily like appearance; this is the solvents working their way to the surface just before final cure.


This is how we presented the car to the client. As you can see we have created fantastic gloss levels with amazing depth and clarity. One would say.. Looks like a mirror !!


Preferred Car Care provides new and second hand vehicle protection packages to all suburbs between Byron bay, Gold Coast and North Brisbane.

Our clients enjoy savings of up to 75% off dealership prices for total packages including window tinting, leather and plastic coatings and fabric protection.

View our paint protection page for more info Click Here..

Here is a short tutorial on perhaps the simplest form of paint correction being a single stage polish to remove micro scratching but not leaving swirls. This particular service is on our service list but is provided free of charge with our Ceramic Pro paint protection packages. As mentioned it is so important to choose the correct buffing pad and compound/polish for the job at hand.

You’ll notice I also mentioned the fact that we rinse the buff pads out with water before we use them also between different grades of polish. Once the water is spun out and compound has been applied evenly on the pad and polishing is underway the residual moisture within the pad slowly works its way to the surface due to ventricle force. This ensures the compound/polish does not dry out/crystallize on the surface which will cause swirl marks.

Another great tip as mentioned is slowing down the rpm and pressure on the final pass on each panel. Again this is done to prevent swirl marks and buffer the gloss level.

Paint Correction on a ML Mercedes

Today we were presented with the challenge of restoring the slightly oxidised black paintwork on a ML Mercedes at Tallai on the Gold Coast. The car had not been garaged in a few years and as you can see this is why either permanent paint protection or regular waxing is extremely important. In todays case we were able to restore but in not too long it would have needed a respray costing thousands.

Upon first inspection it was evident that a clay bar treatment would be required due to years of road grime and industrial fallout. We are now using clay cleaning pads, these little guys will take over from clay bars in the near future purely due to ease of use and efficiency.

Once the car had been washed and smoothed out with the clay pad we proceeded to give the car its first stage of compounding with a medium grade cut on a white foam compounding pad to remove the oxidation and cut out surface scratching etc.

Once we were happy with the result we moved to the second stage of compounding with a fine grade cut to remove the holograms and marring from the first stage. This stage of compounding is so important otherwise swirl marks will be evident in the end result. Once complete we check our work in direct sunlight or halogen lamp as marring wont show in the shade or low light situations.

Lastly we Applied a teflon paint sealant to protect the finish for around 6 months before it will need waxing or sealing again. Teflon sealants are perfect for people who want to protect there paintwork at a relatively low cost compared to our permanent ceramic range of coatings. The end result was a beautifull high gloss finish with a nice depth and clarity in all light situations.